March 6, 2017 Qatar Claims Interest to Invest in Ukrainian Ports       October 18, 2016 EBRD Invests $37 Million For Grain Terminal at Yuzhnyi Seaport

Currency rates in UAH

AED 7.38


Kyiv -2
Donetsk +1
Dnipro 0
Lviv -1
Odessa +1



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The development of the internet, in particular in the Arab countries, is important for the delivery of information about Ukraine to the Arab community. There still exists a big information gap between Ukraine and Arab countries. This web-site will help this gap to be filled.


CFC Consulting Company Kyiv based consultancy that has enormous experience in the field of investment promotion and government relations. It intends to create absolutely a new source of the information for the potential Arab businessman. With tremendous experience in conducting investment opportunities CFC Consulting Company is interested in the development of partnership between Ukraine and the Gulf countries. The web-site “Arab Gateway to Ukraine” will provide necessary economic and investment information on Ukraine and build the bridge between Ukraine and the Arab world.


CFC Consulting Company provides consultancy both in investment initiatives and government relations. In the field of investment consultancy the company organizes investment events, searches the reliable business partner for conducting business, carries out marketing research, prepares business plans for investment projects, recruits qualified managerial stuff, and much more. In the framework of government relations CFC Consulting Company provides consultancy by contacting target governmental officials, facilitating access to the personnel of governmental bodies, developing the most appropriate and efficient schemes for obtaining necessary documents and licences from different governmental institutions that are required for starting a business in Ukraine.