March 6, 2017 Qatar Claims Interest to Invest in Ukrainian Ports       October 18, 2016 EBRD Invests $37 Million For Grain Terminal at Yuzhnyi Seaport

Currency rates in UAH

AED 7.09
KWD 85.77
OMR 67.65
QAR 7.10
SAR 6.94


Kyiv +23
Donetsk +23
Dnipro +26
Lviv +20
Odessa +22



Kyiv Festooned With Tulips

The nation’s capital presented its second City Tulip Exhibition at the hills of Spivoche Pole, a favorite attraction during the spring months of April and May. The flowering exhibition started April 21, transforming the Pechersk Landscape Park into a sea of multicolored slopes for all to enjoy. The tulip exhibition ran for three weeks, inviting the visitors and intrigued tulip-lovers to enjoy multiple activities and of course the tulips.