March 6, 2017 Qatar Claims Interest to Invest in Ukrainian Ports       October 18, 2016 EBRD Invests $37 Million For Grain Terminal at Yuzhnyi Seaport

Currency rates in UAH

AED 6.93
KWD 84.37
OMR 66.17
QAR 7.00
SAR 6.79


Kyiv +14
Donetsk +25
Dnipro +20
Lviv +19
Odessa +18



European-Ukrainian Energy Day

For fourth time in the last three years, Kyiv hosted European-Ukrainian Energy Day, organized by the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency and the Conference House Company. Over this period, European-Ukrainian Energy Day has become a most significant event, bringing together more than 1,000 Ukrainian and international experts on energy efficiency and alternative energy source. The agenda has focused on such topics as “Ukraine’s Energy Future – The path to sustainable development or the continuation of an addiction?,” “Solar and Wind Power: The legal framework and technical issues,” “Green Cities: Regional energy development,” and much more.