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Currency rates in UAH

AED 7.25
KWD 88.19
OMR 69.31
QAR 7.00
SAR 7.10


Kyiv 0
Donetsk -3
Dnipro -1
Lviv +2
Odessa +1




Ukraine plans to increase steel output by 900,000 t in 2014

December 30, 2013
A worldwide recovery in demand for steel followed by rising prices for such products will allow Ukrainian steelmakers to increase output by 2.7% starting in 2014, says UkrPromZovnishEkspertyza, the state industrial trade oversight enterprise.

Ukraine exported US $15.4bn worth of agricultural products

December 29, 2013
Over January-November 2013, Ukraine sold most of its agricultural output, worth over US $5.3bn and US $4.0bn, to Asia and the European Union, Ukraine’s Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food Mykola Prysiazhniuk reports. At the same time, CIS countries imported up to 3.4bn worth of Ukrainian agricultural products.

Hotel business grows by leaps and bounds in Ukraine

December 18, 2013
Ukraine’s hotel business is on the upswing again, for the first time since the world financial crisis hit in late 2008. However, the reasons for this latest recovery are slightly different from those that caused a surge over 2005-2008.

Ukrainians continue to buy more and more coffee every year

December 18, 2013
According to the latest market research on coffee consumption in Ukraine, coffee consumption has been growing steadily for the last decade among Ukrainians. Over 2000-2010, the average annual rise in coffee consumption was 23%, almost 10 times faster than the world rate of 2.5% and making Ukraine one of the record holders in coffee consumption, says Serafyma Rusynovych, director of marketing research at Pro-Consulting.

Ukraine’s MIC exports nearly half of its materiel and weaponry Asia

December 12, 2013
Nearly 45% of exports of Ukraine’s military-industrial sector go to Asian countries, Serhiy Hromov, Director General of the UkrOboronProm State Concern, told DefenceWorld.

UPPA says by 2017, 50 countries will be buying imported Ukrainian poultry meat

December 11, 2013
Ukrainian Poultry Producers Association (UPPA) President Oleksandr Bakumenko reports that Ukrainian chicken meat is highly competitive on world markets, which is making it possible to constantly expand market outlets. The expert notes that, by 2017, 50 countries will be importing Ukrainian poultry.