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Prospects of Ukraine’s Metal Exports in Europe

December 29, 2016
Ukrainian metal construction market is undergoing changes in a bid to become export-oriented industry due to severed trade relations with Russia that used to be Ukraine’s main consumer. Around 12.7 percent of metal constructions were exported in January-September 2016. The major markets for Ukrainian produce were Poland (26 percent) and Moldova (14 percent), while Belarus and Germany bought 4 percent each. Russian share has dropped to meager 3 percent.

Egypt Quadruples Soy Import from Ukraine

December 26, 2016
Egypt became the key importer of Ukrainian soy in the first three months of current marketing year, having increased 4.26 times to the overall volume to 137,300 tons. Last year Egypt only imported 32,200 tons of soy from Ukraine.

Ukraine Increases Butter and Milk Fat Exports

December 22, 2016
Ukrainian dairy producers exported USD 33.5 million worth of butter and milk fats, which is 24 percent more than the previous year. This constitutes a 3 percent (11,000 tons) increase of exports volumes, as reported by Ukrainian Food Export Board (UFEB) Analytics Department.

Ukraine Exports Over 20 Million Tons of Grains

December 19, 2016
Ukraine exported 20.1 million tons of grain from the beginning of 2016/17 MY until December 15, which is 880,000 tons more than during the same period last year, as reported by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy press office.

Ukraine Increases Exports to EU by $530 Million

December 15, 2016
Ukraine increased exports to Europe by 5.7 percent over nine months of 2016 compared to the same period in the previous year, bringing additional USD 530 million to the state coffers. The total volume of Ukraine’s exports to the EU has reached USD 9.96 billion.

Ukraine Anticipates the Increase Agriculture Exports to Qatar

December 12, 2016
Ukraine’s agricultural exports to Qatar have increased dramatically over the past year. Ukrainian agrarian sector is ready to streamline the sales of farm products, such as foodstuffs, and diversify its current portfolio. Such statement was issued during the conversation of Taras Kutovyi, the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, with the Ambassador of Qatar HE Jassim bin Rashid Al Khalifa and a at the meeting with delegation from the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) chaired by Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali al Thani.

Ukrainian Tuberculosis Drug Producer to Triple Exports

December 8, 2016
Technolog PJSC (a part of Lekhim Pharma Group), producer of drugs that treat tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, exports 15 percent of its products.

Ukraine Depletes 10 of 36 EU Tax-Free Quotas

December 5, 2016
UkrAgroConsult experts say Ukraine has obtained duty-free import quotas for 36 types of goods according to EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. By the end of November, Ukrainian exporters fully exhausted 10 quotas, while other 15 quotas were partially used up.

Slovak Company Invests €2 Million in Pumpkin Seeds Production in Ukraine

December 1, 2016
Dnipropetrovsk state regional administration reported that a Slovak investor started a pumpkin seeds growing company called Dolyna Agro SK LLC.