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Currency rates in UAH

AED 7.25
KWD 88.19
OMR 69.31
QAR 7.00
SAR 7.10


Kyiv 0
Donetsk -3
Dnipro -1
Lviv +2
Odessa +1




Ukraine Land Market Prices May Increase by 76 percent

April 28, 2017
Ukraine may finally have its own land market soon. This is one of the requirements of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) listed in Memorandum of Cooperation between Ukraine and IMF . The market will be launched in 2018, when the duration of the moratorium on land sales is over.

Ukraine Exports 300,900 Tons of Flour

April 24, 2017
As of April 19, 2017, Ukraine has exported 300,900 tons of flour, which is 41,300 tons more than during the same period last year, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine reports.

US Department of Agriculture Forecasts Increase of Grain Export from Ukraine

April 21, 2017
In April, United States Department of Agriculture increased projected Ukrainian wheat import in the 2016-17 marketing year to 17.3 million tons, which is 0.8 million tons more than March estimation.

Poultry Exports Set Record in March

April 18, 2017
Exports of poultry meat in March reached 33,200 tons, which is more than the aggregate value of the previous two months, as reported by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

Export of Ukrainian Butter Quadruples

April 13, 2017
The amount of butter exported from Ukraine in January-March 2017 reached 3,500 tons, which is 3.8 times more than in the same period last year, as indicated in the data of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. In money terms, exports of the product increased by 4.7 times up to USD 12.8 million.

IMF Approved Fourth $1 Billion Loan Installment for Ukraine

April 10, 2017
The International Monetary Fund, Ukraine’s key loan supplier, completed its third revision of the program of cooperation with Ukraine under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) Program and approved another USD 1 billion installment, which is to be transferred to the international reserves of the National Bank for Ukraine.

Ukraine Ships 5.5 Million Tons of Wheat to Egypt

April 7, 2017
In 2016, Ukraine exported over 5.5 million tons of wheat and 841,000 tons of oilseeds to Egypt generating more than 12% of overall exports in these crops, reports the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

Ukraine Unveils Its Export Strategy

April 4, 2017
Ukraine must focus on exporting end products rather than raw materials, stated Stepan Kubiv the First Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine at the “Ukraine’s Export Strategy” presentation. The strategy covers next five years and provides for 56 high-priority goals on developing exports.