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AED 7.38


Kyiv -2
Donetsk +1
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Odessa +1



Ukraine’s Arms Sales Profit Surges 25% Compared to Previous Year

July 28, 2017
UkrOboronProm (UOP) increased its export income from USD 570 to USD 770 million, as stated by its Deputy Director General for Development Artur Kheruvymov.

“Over the past year we increased exports by 25% – from $570 million up to $770 million. At the same time, we fully comply with internal orders, providing domestic armed forces with everything necessary,” said Artur Kheruvymov.

As reported earlier, OUP’s armored personnel carrier BTR-4E has successfully undergone standardization procedure and now can be sold to Thailand. Besides, in 2011 Ukraine and Thailand signed the contract for supply of 49 main battle tanks Oplot worth over USD 200 million. Overall, Thailand has imported and put into service more than 200 pieces of military equipment.

It is noteworthy that in 2015 UOP was listed 81st in Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) annual Top 100 arms-producing and military services companies.


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