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Currency rates in UAH

AED 7.25
KWD 88.19
OMR 69.31
QAR 7.00
SAR 7.10


Kyiv 0
Donetsk -3
Dnipro -1
Lviv +2
Odessa +1



Ukraine Moves to Set a Record in Apples Export

May 9, 2017
The export of Ukrainian apples increased by 30 percent this season against the same period last year, and reached 10,500 tons.

The season is not over yet, but Ukraine has already reached pre-crisis export volumes despite the official ban on shipping the product to Russia. Notably, in 2013-14, before the embargo was imposed, Ukraine exported only a shade over 9,000 tons.

Another achievement of the current season is  the expansion of the sales geography through shipping to Libya, Australia, Armenia, Georgia, Indonesia, Iraq, Croatia and even Austria, Sweden and Norway.  Yet Belarus remains our country’s largest official apples consumer.


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