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Exports of Ukrainian Goods Increased by Almost a Quarter

August 28, 2017
As of the first half of 2017, exports of Ukrainian goods increased by 24.2 percent (or USD 4.03 billion) as compared to the same period last year, and reached the mark of USD 20.7 billion, as reported by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

Agricultural products and food traditionally were the bulk of the exports pattern (with the share of 42 percent of overall exports). Metallurgy products made 23 percent; engineering products equalled 11.4 percent, while mineral products made 9.6 percent of total exports.

Increased volumes of export supplies in the first half of 2017 were observed in almost every sector:
-    Agriculture and food (export grew by 28.1 percent or USD 1.9 billion);
-    Metallurgy products (by 23.4 percent or USD 900 million);
-    Mineral products (by 61.4 percent or USD 751.7 million);
-    Engineering products (by 14.2 percent or USD 291.8 million);
-    Chemical industry products (by 6.9 percent or USD 64.2 million);
-    Consumer goods (by 9.7 percent or USD 45.1 million).

Ukraine’s largest five foreign trade partners were the EU (39.8 percent), the Russian Federation (9.4 percent), Turkey (6.1 percent), India (5.5 percent) and Egypt (5.3 percent).


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