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Ukraine More than Doubles Confectionary Export to Iraq

September 21, 2017
Confectionary export in the first half of 2017 increased by 11 percent against the same period last year, as was announced at Bakery Ukraine exhibition. It was caused by active reorientation of Ukrainian confectionary exporters to new international markets, often unconventional for Ukraine.

“Confectionary producers managed to find new markets for their products,” noted Denys Krasnikov, coordinator at Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (ULIE). “Ukrainian exporters found evidence that European retailers were willing to buy our products”.

This year, confectionary products marked Made in Ukraine were in high demand in Poland (120 percent increase in sales), Iraq (over 130 percent), Lithuania (almost 60 percent) and the USA (38 percent).

ULIE’s Export Promotion Center reports that exports of chocolate as well as cocoa and sugar products amounted to USD 240 million in 2016, which was 9 percent less than in 2015 and 65 percent less than in 2013.


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