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Chemical Industry



CRIMEA TITAN Crimea TITAN is the biggest Eastern European titanium dioxide producer.
The main activity of the company consists in manufacturing such pigment titanium dioxide grades as Crimea CR-02, Crimea CR-03, which main application is for paintwork materials and mechanical rubber goods industries, for plastics making and in many other industries. The company also produces other types of chemical products (iron oxide pigments, mineral fertilizers, sulphuric acid, aluminum sulphate, sodium aluminate, Sodium silicate, iron vitriol, phosphogypsum).
Representative office in Kiev
29, Kikvidze St.,Apt.1, Kiev, 01103, Ukraine
Tel.: (38-044) 284-87-62
Fax.: (38-044) 284-26-25

Close JSC “Severodonetsk Azot Association” produces the following commercial products:
-Ammonia. Nitrogen fertilizers
-Organic alcohol and acids
-Consumable goods from polymers and plastic films
5, Pivovarova street, Severodonetsk 93403, Lugansk region,
Telex:  115160 LUG UX
Tel.: +38 (06452) 4-43-42
         +38 (0654) 71-20-10
         +38 (0645) 71-20-28
Fax.: +38 (06452) 2-99-69
CRIMEA SODA PLANT Crimea Soda Plant  is a leading enterprise on manufacturing of technical soda ash in Ukraine.
started its Soda H production in 1973;
the estimated capacity of the plant is 698 thousand tons per year;
insures about 80% of home market needs and about 2,5% of World Chemist's market needs;
Soda H production is realised by ammonia technology;
JSC "Crimean Soda Plant" is incorporated in Osthem Holding group, that consolidates all chemical assets belonging to Group DF.
1, Proektnaya St., Krasnoperekopsk, Crimean Autonomas Rerublic, 96002, Ukraine
Tel.: +38 (06565) 2-17-28 +38 (06565) 2-80-10
RIVNEAZOT Main activity
RivneAzot carries out nearly 50 kinds of activities: manufacturing, storage and selling of mineral fertilizers of nitric and phosphor group, production of technical application – ammonia, adipic acid, cyclohexanone, purified mixture low dicarboxylic acids.
Company produces oxygen, liquid and dry carbon dioxide. There is the workshop of special clothes sewing and asphalt producing assembly on the enterprise. There are facilities on consumer goods manufacturing.
OJSC “Rivneazot” 33017, Rivne-17, Ukraine
Tel.: +38(0362) 61-22-03
         +38(0362) 61-80-77
         +38(0362) 61-80-13
Fax.: +38(0362) 61-83-53
         +38(0362) 61-80-10
ZHYVYTSYA Types of activities:
-development and introduction of new methods and technologies in oil, gas and geological industry;
-service works in quality providing of boring solutions for boring of deep wells, and also solutions for the oil extraction;
-glue resins for furniture, veneer, DSP;
-energy saving technologies;
-ecological environmental protection.
4, Zavodska Str., Ivano-Frankivsk region, Dolynsky district utc Benefit, 77552, Ukraine.
Tel/Fax.: +38 (034) 776-13-62
                 +38 (034) 253-87-97
MYKOLAIVKHIMSNAB Mykolaivkhimsnab carries out its activity in two main fields: chemical industry (more than 1000 names of chemical products) and metallurgical industry (spare partsand special equipment).
The Company offers a wide range of chemical products of industrial purpose: inorganic and organic acids, technical glues, activated carbons, cationides, chlorides, antifreeze admixtures, refrigerating fluids, products of the petrochemical industry, laboratory chemical substances and reactants.
26Ŕ, Metalurgiv Str., Mykolaiv, 54050, Ukraine
Tel.: +380 512 500064
Fax.: +380 512 600034
Contact person: Helen Chuprina